Motivating people to support your cause with donations can be a daunting yet exciting task.  There are a myriad of reasons that people give and I won’t elaborate on all the reasons in this blog.  But I want to highlight a few of those reasons on what motivates people to support your organization. Below are some ways that you can successfully approach asking for donations and make people want to give.

A True Story for Inspiration

Telling a compelling story of why you need donations is crucial to getting support. Find a spokesperson for the cause and broadcast their voice – having someone who is relatable can inspire people to pull out make the decision to donate.  Keep in mind that a more genuine and personal story works best. One of the most common reasons that people give is because they feel moved by someone’s story. While connecting to someone’s story is one of the more popular reasons for people to give, there are many more. Here are some other reasons why people donate.

Social Media

Social media can be a powerful vehicle for getting your message out into the world. Millions of people are connected via the web and there’s no faster way to reach such a vast group of people than having a strong internet presence. Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are great because they offer multiple features to help a fundraising campaign. Viewers can watch videos, use hashtags, like and comment, and most importantly: share the message. To read more about using social media to get people to give, check out my blog : “How to Use Social Media to Optimize Your Fundraising Campaign.”

Keep Track

Donors need to understand the impact of their giving and that is does make a difference.  Communicating with donors on how their gifts are making a difference to your organization is one of the most important functions in the fundraising arena.  This is called stewardship. If the donor feels that their gift has made a difference they are much more likely to give again and become regular donors. Personalized updates and newsletters with stories of the impact of these gifts will provide donors with a great touch that highlights the impact of their gift and that is important to your cause.

Make it Easy

People live busy lives, and while they may want to give donations to a worthy cause, they may not have the time or the means to do so unless the donation process is quick and easy. One way to relieve some pressure from donating is to make an attractive and accessible place online for people to donate. Make sure to link this website out to your social media! This can not only encourage people to donate, but could inspire them to read more about your cause and quickly share with their followers – now you’ve accessed a whole new pool of potential donors.

Show Appreciation

Finally, it is crucial to show your appreciation for the individual donor. Never underestimate the power of a heartfelt thank you.  No matter the size of the donation, make sure to show your donors gratitude. Appreciation activities include personalized thank you letters, thank you events and special recognition in publications.