Social media is a powerful marketing tool to drive up engagement for any nonprofit. But to do this effectively, it is imperative that you understand the time and consistency that will be required to brand and raise awareness for your organization.

For Twitter, understand that you are limited to a number of characters. Because of these restrictions, it is imperative that you find specific tactics where you can optimize your nonprofit organization. To help you, I have provided seven helpful tips in establishing your nonprofit organization’s presence on Twitter.

  1. Optimize the Profile Page

For Twitter, you want to make sure you have all of the backend logistics filled out. This means having photos, a background image, a short bio, and your nonprofit organizations site all filled out within the ‘settings’ and ‘editing’ of your nonprofit organization’s Twitter page. To do this, be purposeful. Ask yourself what you want your viewers to see and what you want them to take away from your Twitter page.

  1. Produce Strong Content and Tweets

Staying consistent with posting will play a large role in how people view your site. It can even be the reason why some people may follow your nonprofit organization’s Twitter page. Make sure you are not just consistent about how many times you Tweet a month, but the type of content you Tweet online.

  1. Build a Strong Following and Followers Background

To not be viewed as spam, make sure you continue to grow your followers everyday. This requires stronger engagement on your account.

  1. Hashtags

Make sure you utilize hashtags in your Twitter messages. Try going beyond the generic ones used in your industry and start personalizing some of your hashtags for your organization.

  1. Tweet at People

Twitter is a Web 2.0 social media property. Its overall intended use is to engage and network with other users. Make sure you are Tweeting at other organizations and people with your Tweets.

  1. Display Photos and Videos

Remember, social media tends to be more image and video friendly for engagement. Make sure you utilize marketable photos and videos that adhere to your nonprofit’s mission.

  1. Track your Engagement

Data is everything. Like your fundraising, you want to make sure how much engagement you are receiving from your Twitter and how that translate to donations and donors.