In the nonprofit sector, we strive to communicate with donors in the ways that they prefer. In fact, because of how vital branding has become to the overall success of reaching a fundraising goal, many NGOs and nonprofit organizations are transitioning their efforts in improving and reinvigorating their organization’s brand each and everyday. To do this successfully, an organization, first and foremost, needs to understand and comprehend the importance of branding.

To start, branding is not just a logo or a name. Instead, it is the face, the voice, and the reason for your entire organization. In crux of the matter, it is the necessary tool needed to grow and develop your business in both reaching and expanding its fundraising goals and awareness each and every quarter. Because of its importance, one question does come to mind: How can I create and establish a strong, effective, and consistent branding campaign in order help with my organization’s fundraising efforts?

To put it simply, it all comes down to strategy. While NGOs may have a different purpose than for-profit businesses, there are various branding strategies that your organization can utilize in order to market and improve its brand to the general public. Below, I have highlighted five helpful branding tips you can apply for your fundraising campaign. While, these tips may not guarantee financial success, they can help forge new relationships and strengthen ones you already have.

1. Differentiate your Message

When highlighting your message of your nonprofit organization, you want to make sure you are coming across both authentic and professional. Start off by asking yourself WHY people should give and donate to your organization instead of others? That is essentially the question that will drive differentiation. While it is great that there are so many nonprofits trying to tackle various social problems going on in the world, you also have to be cognizant of how their support can impact and transform your entire organization. To help differentiate yourself, start off with your story. Ask yourself how did your organization get there and why you do the work you do.  From there, discuss your methods, your solutions, and most importantly your goal. For this to be affective, make sure you are honest about your work. The more transparent you can be, the stronger and more unique, your message will come across for each and every one of your donors.

2. Personalize your Organization

Believe it or not, many philanthropic organizations are criticized for being dishonest or untrustworthy. For some, it could be because of an image problem. For others, it could be because of a specific situation. Whatever is the case, make sure your philanthropy centralizes their brand in a more personalized humanistic approach. To do this, highlight your stories. For many NGOs, they try to leverage their stories as marketing pitches. Rather than make that mistake, continue to present your work with honest successful stories that include your efforts, your goals, and your overall financial mission. At the end of the day, people who donate want to make sure their money is going to go to something bigger than themselves. Show that their donations are by highlighting those impactful wins.

3. Recruit Volunteers to Brand

Whether you are a thriving NGO conglomeration or a small startup philanthropy, it is incredibly important that you leverage all the help that you can get. With that being said, be sure that your philanthropy is recruiting various volunteers. These volunteers can help market and brand your mission both on the streets and online. One way to make this effective and productive is by creating actionable objectives you would like your volunteers to hit such as putting up fliers, giving speeches, or providing maintenance on various popular social media platforms. By giving them that sense of responsibility and urgency, you will be able to reach an even stronger crowd, while also igniting the passion and work culture for your volunteers.

4. Sympathize your Brand

For any successful philanthropic brand, you want to make sure you are able to tap into the emotions to drive supports and donations your way. This works hand in hand with relating the message to the entire population. To do this affectively, assume the perspective of the donor. Understand what can necessarily impact them to a point where they will donate. This can be driving the perspective of the victim or highlighting the negatives of a natural disaster. Whatever is the case, make sure you leverage emotions as much as possible.

5. Associate your Symbol with your Motto

When we think of Nike, we think, ‘Just Do It.’ When we think of Teach For America, we think of ‘One day, all children will have access to an excellent education.’ For your brand, you want to make sure you can associate your name, your symbol, and your motto as one. To do this affectively, make sure you are able to highlight an appeal image and message that people can understand. Then be consistent. The more frequent you are using the phrase, the better.