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Matt Kupec
Matt Kupec

Matt Kupec is an expert fundraiser currently serving as the Vice President for Development & Marketing at HelpMeSee, Inc., a nonprofit whose mission is to cure the world of preventable blindness with care and procedures that are sorely lacking in low-income communities and developing countries. At HelpMeSee, he is responsible for building and cultivating the organization’s brand and for launching a $2B-$3B fundraising campaign. Throughout his career, Matt has demonstrated a proven knack for running successful and effective fundraising campaigns, both for local institutions and global foundations. He believes that the impact that these donations have can truly transform the lives of thousands of people. While many people may see this as a job, he sees this as a window of opportunity to be bigger than himself. This mentality and vision eventually shapes his overall passion and work ethics each and every day. Today, Matt currently applies that drive with his work with HelpMeSee. He believes that the respect, the transparency, and the strong and consistent service will allow them to reach their financial goals in helping those under-privileged and under-represented communities.

Fundraising Experience

Matt Kupec’s strengths in fundraising lie in his experience and ability to develop a strategic plan, mobilize a community, recruit volunteers, communicate across a wide range of people, and execute effectively in reaching his financial goals for his various causes and organizations. The reason he has been so successful is simple; he knows the value in developing a relationship and trust with donors, which in turn, allows him to openly and effectively demonstrate how their help can make a difference and change in the lives of others. While fundraising has a strong tendency to focus primarily on analytics, he learned that the art of the profession simply remains more on transparency than numbers. This eventually honed his skills to improvise and engage with various donors in the best possible way when presenting them the ‘right’ opportunity. Without Matt’s help, it would have been difficult for potential donors to realize the full benefit of their donations and the full impact of their help.

Prior to HelpMeSee, Matt Kupec founded a company called Text2Give, Inc, which harnessed the power of mobile communications for the purpose of facilitating donor engagement and fundraising for schools, universities, nonprofits and churches. To start this company, he successfully raised $1.8 million in venture capital, helping to plant the seed to help Text2Give become one of the leaders in the mobile giving space. Today, Text2Give campaigns give organizations the opportunity to raise funds from over 300 million wireless users with a simple text message.

Among Matt’s greatest successes were his twenty years in development for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Under his leadership, UNC raised $5 billion, which included the Carolina First Campaign. This fundraising campaign, spearheaded by Matt, was the fifth most successful university campaign ever in the United States, raising over $2.38 billion.

Vice Chancellor at UNC-Chapel Hill

Lux libertas ~ Light and Liberty

Three years into Matt Kupec’s tenure at UNC Chapel Hill, he was promoted to Vice Chancellor for University Advancement in 1995. Over the next seventeen years, the longest tenure of any Vice Chancellor in the school’s 220-year history, the school’s cash flow increased from $62 million to $285 million in 2012, earning UNC twelve CASE (Council for the Support and Advancement of Education) Outstanding Fund Raising Performance awards, the most any university has received in the United States.

During his seventeen years as UNC-Chapel Hill Vice Chancellor for University Advancement, Matt Kupec also served as the executive director of the UNC-Chapel Hill Foundation with over $250 million in assets. He created the Women’s Philanthropy Council, which is one of the first efforts in higher education to further engage women with their university and served as a member of the UNC-Chapel Hill Investment Fund Board, which managed the investing of UNC’s $2.8 billion endowment.

Matt Kupec‘s Educational Background

Matt Kupec graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill, where he was a football standout as the four-year starting quarterback, in 1980 with a degree in Business Administration. After his time at with the North Carolina Tar Heels, he signed a contract with the Seattle Seahawks, where he played professionally for a few years. It was then when he realized that his main passion lay more in Higher Education than professional sports. Much of this stems from his personal values and beliefs of how education can transform and impact an individual and their family. Because of this deep-rooted passion, Matt decided to further his education with a Masters in Science in Educational Administration from Hofstra University in 1985. This eventually laid the groundwork for his professional field and interest within fundraising and nonprofits.

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